Indoor & Built Facilities

Indoor & built facilities

At a time of ongoing financial pressure, high quality, well informed, National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) compliant needs assessments, strategic planning and decision-making in respect of investment in and rationalisation of sport/leisure facilities are essential. Equally important is being fully prepared with an evidence base to ‘make the case’ for developer contributions, the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 investment. KKP works extensively for local authorities and developers across this spectrum.

Sat next to this and a key additional weapon in our armoury is our expertise developing sport-specific facility strategies for national governing bodies of sport at GB, national and regional level.

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Indoor and built sport/leisure facilities

Via detailed audit processes we verify data accuracy combining Sport England Facilities Planning Model and ASA datasets with our own analysis and GIS to interrogate supply and demand. This is further informed by demographic profiling, population modelling (per se and based on housing development), facility condition/’longevity’ appraisal plus in-depth community, club, stakeholder and NGB consultation.

This is augmented by our own practical facility management/development experience enabling us to provide authoritative advice and detailed plans for investment, rationalisation, improvement and management. All our facilities strategies are, thus, NPPF compliant, robust and defensible, able to inform and underpin local planning policies and to substantiate major client investment programmes.

Sport specific facility strategies

We undertake national audits/consultation and prepare national/regional strategies for individual sports (or combinations thereof) incorporating audits of quantity and quality, locations, performance levels catered for, scale, management and sequencing, database development and production of technical guidance documentation.

Work for developers

We provide developers with a robust assessment of need within the relevant locality to inform investment decisions aligned to new housing developments and the alternative use of space. We also work with them and the relevant planning authority to determine scale, specification and to discuss issues associated with long-term operational and maintenance costs.

Community & ‘non-standard’ facilities

Much of our work now involves evaluation of community facilities, village hall, church and faith group amenities. The range and variety of uses for which such venues are made available, their value to the communities served alongside their age. condition and fitness for purpose are all assessed both in tandem with, or independently of, sporting, recreational, education-based and cultural provision