Evaluation, Research, Information & Review

Evaluation, research, information & review

Our evaluation, research and geographic information systems (GIS) teams have extensive knowledge and experience across the full range of geographic, demographic, sports and participation contexts. They analyse strengths and weaknesses, build an evidence base and assist client understanding and issue visualisation. This establishes informed platforms for decision-making founded on accurate information, gap analysis and tested scenarios. Once plans are in place they support measurement and evaluation to drive continuous improvement.

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Monitoring & evaluation

Effective evaluation; measuring performance and proving impact in the context of people’s lifestyles, participation, conversion rates, health and well-being is essential both for service/programme investment validation and to demonstrate value in the context of wider political and social agendas. Vitally, we support clients at both ends of this process; to consider and specify their management information requirements and subsequently to deliver and refine processes.

Our project portfolio includes review of national through to local level programmes. KKP has a UK-wide reputation for the quality,incisiveness and value for money of its work. Clients include the DCMS, Sport England and the other three home country sports councils, the Irish Government and Sports Council, the Girls Schools Development Trust, NGBs, Skills Active and Sporting Equals.

Market research

KKP offers a comprehensive portfolio of web, e-mail, telephone, household, street-based and inter-personal quantitative and qualitative survey based research across the spectrum with proven capacity to manage survey volumes from 500 to 100,000.

We are widely recognised for our specialist expertise in the youth sector. Our innovative census (‘strata’) surveys have been used throughout the UK to measure the participation of children and young people in sport and cultural activity. As a result, we have a comprehensive dataset enabling comparison of results with those of 200,000+ young people. Clients for our market research services include the DCMS, Sport England, NGBs (including the FA, RFU and England Netball), a wide range of local authorities and public health agencies. Our portfolio covers:
  • Adult/youth participation in sport, physical activity, culture and the arts.
  • Club/community perceptions of open spaces/playing pitches/indoor sports facilities.
  • Talented/elite athlete and service provider perceptions, development and tracking.
  • Disability sport
  • Facility and service customer satisfaction.
  • Market segmentation, scale and penetration surveys.
  • Perceptions (over time) of organisational performance.
  • NGB membership systems, processes and communications.

Data processing, analysis and database development

KKP has in-house capacity to process high quality data with minimal lead times. Recognised as leading industry specialists our experts are skilled at getting the most from information gathered translating it into intelligence and presenting it in ways that are easy to understand.

Our services include analysis and interpretation of third party data including, for example, the DCMS ‘Taking Part’, sportscotland national participation data, Sport England’s Active People and Active Places. We enable clients to gain fast track access to insight where internal resources, expertise or time are restricted.

We add value to the depth and ‘usability’ of such data via use of additional research and presentation tools such as GIS. These ensure that clients get comprehensive, meaningful information to make a positive contribution to future plans. Reports are produced in a variety of forms to meet clients’ needs; from papers to visual presentations – analysis in tables, diagrams, maps and charts alongside insightful commentary and recommendations.

Geographic information systems (GIS)

Our excellent GIS Unit, key contemporary systems and software enable KKP to offer integrated and stand-alone GIS services to clients. It is integral to our planning work and mapping facilitates understanding and interpretation of data. Our in-house experts apply industry leading software packages such as Mapinfo, Tableau and e-spatial providing pictorial and interactive maps to, for example:

  • Illustrate census and Index of Deprivation data by local authority, ward and 2011 Census super output areas.
  • Walk and drive-time catchment maps varied according to transport mode, key barriers, times of day (click on image for larger view).
  • Surplus/deficiency in open space provision by radial and/or travel-time catchment.
  • Gravity model mapping.
  • Assess market scale and demographics for sports venues and visitor attractions.
  • Interpret in-depth analysing of lifestyle and consumer intelligence from Mosaic/Mintel.