Strategic Review & Business Development

Strategic review & business development

We deliver strategic and service reviews for local authorities, leisure/sports trusts, NGBs, social enterprises, county sports partnerships and other operators. Areas in which we offer specialist expertise include governance, leadership/management, operation and performance management in sport/leisure, libraries, community provision, specialist public health programmes/GP referral, theatres/arts venues, parks, countryside and play.

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Sport and leisure services review

This encompasses auditing and assessment based reviews of sport (facilities and development) and leisure provision setting out plans for new direction, restructure, operational review/rationalisation, service re-alignment, change management, budgetary and operating efficiencies and effectiveness and new management vehicles.

Libraries reviews

Evaluation of existing provision; usage, reach and value for money linked to service review, rationalisation and restructure improving systems and creating efficiencies. We evaluate service effectiveness and consider new methods of, and locations for, delivery to ensure comprehensive community coverage.

Options appraisals and procurement

We provide practical advice and support to local authorities reviewing future management options for their services. Informed by our own direct practical experience managing services in local government, this takes account of required strategic outcomes, service delivery requirements and financial restraints.

Based upon our strong understanding of commercial and social enterprise based operators in the market plus the more localised trust operators we support local authorities to both manage the process of selecting operating partners and to establish and embed new relationships.

Business development

The Company has specific expertise improving business performance, information management processes and income generation both across the board and in specific operational areas.