Kayleigh Smith

Kayleigh Smith BSc (Hons) LFFP Research Consultant

A Geography graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, Kayleigh joined KKP in July 2018 to work within KKP’s team delivering FA Local Football Facility Plans (LFFP) across every local authority in England.

Prior to joining KKP, Kayleigh has worked with a management consultancy setting for the health sector, providing strategic estates supports across the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. She has also worked within a local authority setting within the greenspace department.

Kayleigh’s previous job roles means she understands many of the issues and challenges that face stakeholders we consult and work with at KKP. Kayleigh is familiar with a range of stakeholders including local authorities, schools and third sector organisations. To support her career development, she has also undertaken her Institute of Leadership and Management Level 2.

Kayleigh has experience in building and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders. She is motivated individual with the ability to communication with a wide range of people.

  • Community consultation
  • Needs assessments

Email: kayleigh.smith@kkp.co.uk