Jordan Young

Jordan Young BA (Hons) MSc Site Assessor

Jordan joined KKP in October 2022 to work with our playing pitch and outdoor sports needs assessment and strategy teams. He is responsible for site evaluations and consulting clients to better understand their needs and requirements. He uses his background in analytics to collect and analyse the data that informs our playing pitch strategies.

Prior to starting work with KKP he worked as a response police officer in Lancashire during which time he developed his analytical capabilities which he now uses to synthesise information when consulting clients.

Jordan’s has a master’s degree is in business analytics and a first-class honours in business and marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University. During his first degree he completed a 3-month internship at Tempest Sports in China working with and alongside members of the Chinese National Basketball team. An avid Arsenal supporter, He has played grassroots football all his life and is now building upon his sporting knowledge and passion to inform KKP’s work on outdoor and pitch sports across the country.

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Site evaluations
  • Needs assessment reports – playing pitches, indoor and outdoor sports facilities
  • Specialist research and consultation

Email: jordan.young@kkp.co.uk