John Bradford

John Bradford BSc (Hons) GIS Specialist

An experienced computer systems analyst and programmer, and a veteran of 15 years at KKP, John provides mapping and database support across a range of projects. He is responsible for developing and improving our analytical systems and processes, and for making the end product progressively more user friendly for our local authority and NGB clients.

During the period when KKP was managing Sport England’s Community Sports Development Programme, he created the information system used by NGBs and county sports partnerships to track accredited clubs and map the progress of the scheme as a whole.

John is currently with KKP’s GIS/IT team, where he works on many of the projects and databases that support KKP’s specialisms in Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS), Indoor and Built Facilities (IBF), and Open Spaces assignments.

He has a degree in Computation from UMIST (Manchester), and prior to joining KKP has worked as an IT consultant for a range of clients both national and international, including BSkyB, Lloyds TSB, Astra-Zeneca and the Government of Malta, primarily developing and supporting database management systems.

  • Data/analysis programme development
  • Database development and support
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Mapinfo
  • E-spatial

Email: john.bradford@kkp.co.uk