Janet Reed

Janet Reed GIS/ICT Manager

Janet is a leading expert on database development and geographic information systems (GIS). She runs KKP’s online survey and GIS mapping functions, which inform and underpin projects across our wide-ranging portfolio of general and specialist research studies. She is highly effective at bringing data to life and are used to combine/illustrate a wide range of techniques and provide contextual understanding that can be absent from numbers alone.

In addition, she delivers directly commissioned bespoke mapping projects for clients. This is perhaps best illustrated by the extensive mapping work undertaken to illustrate the findings of Sport NI’s Active Communities programme and her creation of the Wales National Natural Facilities Database and online mapping tool.

As a technical expert and industry specialist, Janet manipulates raw data in a variety of forms to get the most from information gathered utilising MapInfo, E-Spatial, Tableau and other software to provide a range of services and thereby enhance interpretation and understanding of responses, data, networks and relationships.

More recently this has extended to the use of a number of software packages designed to emulate GIS functionality; KKP’s clients are increasingly being availed of mapping solutions that place GIS style functionality at their own fingertips without the need for expensive software or specialist training. Clients for this include the Football Association, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland

  • On-line surveys – creation and analysis
  • Snap
  • Database development, data processing and analysis
  • Projects logistics
  • GIS: Mapinfo
  • E-spatial & Tableau

Email: janet.reed@kkp.co.uk