David McHendry

David McHendry BA (Hons) Managing Director

With 28 years consultancy, strategic and operational management experience (17 in consultancy), David has an excellent, well-rounded, highly informed perspective on the leisure sector. His expertise draws on a career that encompasses strategic planning, service improvement, business planning, opening new and re-developing existing sports facilities, plus management of sports development programmes.

His capacity to combine financial acuity with service delivery understanding and familiarity with what constitutes good performance makes him the ‘go to’ person for clients seeking to develop nailed on business plans, ensure service stability and improve financial performance.

The Company lead on procurement and options appraisals, David has assessed the right course of action for core service delivery on more than 20 whole service and single facility appraisals providing well informed business cases to justify subsequent change and investment; efficiency, effectiveness and value for money being key underpinning themes.

He is also KKP’s feasibilities and business planning specialist advising local authorities, trusts, clubs and the education sector. Clients include major UK universities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield Hallam. His grasp of key issues and ability to generate accurate, flexible business plan and full life-cycle cost models is demonstrated by the range of multi-partner, cross-environment studies he has delivered.

David has strong interpersonal skills and is renowned for responding to client requests, often even before the need is recognised. He is commercially minded and customer focused; skills put to good use in his work on business modelling and planning. His extensive major facility management and development experience informs his business planning for capital development projects and revenue programmes designed to boost income generation.

  • Business improvement and performance
  • Management options appraisals
  • Procurement, public private partnerships/PFI
  • Externalisation & shared services
  • Income generation and pricing policy
  • Quality service delivery
  • Feasibilities & finance
  • Needs assessment

Email: david.mchendry@kkp.co.uk