Claire Fallon

Claire Fallon BA (Hons) Director/Principal Consultant

Claire Fallon is an experienced principal consultant with 20+ years experience at KKP which she joined after gaining her degree at the University of Salford. She leads the team responsible for delivering KKP’s extensive portfolio of open spaces and playing pitch audits, assessments and strategies.

Under her leadership, KKP has delivered what is now more than 100 playing pitch strategies and open space related studies. She led KKP’s team on Sport England’s Strategic Framework for Playing Pitch Strategies and headed up the national work to develop the current Playing Pitch Strategy Guidance working closely with Sport England and the five main pitch sport NGBs.

In addition to supporting local authorities throughout England, Scotland and Wales, Claire also delivers assignments for commercial practices such as GVA Grimley and housing developers such as Persimmon Homes. This public and private sector client base and the fact that KKP is trusted and used by companies on ‘both sides’ of this process, places her at the forefront of the industry.

Her project management and communication skills are excellent and highly regarded as is her ability to manage complex strategies and needs assessments via quality assured processes. Her knowledge of every stage of the process has resulted in a depth of understanding of the subject and the guidance unrivalled anywhere else in the industry; making her an excellent and informed strategic advisor. Claire is often called upon by new and existing clients for strategic advice; evaluating existing data and evidence to identify changes, issues and gaps and providing specific advice on future direction.

In addition to the above, she gains valuable industry experience volunteering as a Green Flag judge. The knowledge gained through assessing nominated sites and management plans enables her to provide clients with additional value and insight.

  • Playing pitch strategies
  • Open space, sport and recreation studies
  • Needs assessments
  • Land use planning

Email: claire.fallon@kkp.co.uk