Charles Horton

Charles Horton BA (Hons) Administrator

Charles has been with KKP for nine years. He is a highly experienced project support manager whose key responsibilities include the provision of administrative and scheduling support to consultants, coordinating meetings, handling client enquiries and supporting KKP’s ISO 9001 accreditation in the area of customer satisfaction evaluation.

He is also responsible for work to update the Company website, the maintenance of our client database, for keeping in touch with our growing bank of referees and for managing procurement search processes.

He joined KKP in 2011 to work on the Sport England national Community Sport Development Programme. Prior to this he worked for the University of Manchester and at Manchester City Council. He has a degree in Industrial Design and has acquired substantial expertise in the delivery of ISO Internal Quality Systems Auditing and more recently ISO 9001:2015 Transition.

  • Project management
  • Client database management
  • Customer feedback
  • ISO 9001 quality accreditation support
  • Procurement support

Email: charles.horton@kkp.co.uk