Sport Northern Ireland: Evaluation: Every Body Active & Active Clubs

This long-term evaluation demonstrates the impact of Sport NI’s flagship investment programmes to increase levels of sustained participation in sport and physical activity with specific emphasis on women and girls, older people and people with a disability.

Our commission to deliver the second five-year tranche of the programme originally started in 2010 and was extended to run through to 2021. The evaluation processes include analysis (to date) of some 30,000 participant surveys alongside assessment of insight gathered by surveys of coaches, leaders, partners and stakeholders. It is underpinned and verified by a qualitative component which, in addition to verification of survey findings enables annual production of a series of best practice case studies.

Fundamental to this is accurate measurement of the impact of both the programmes on the ‘participation journey’ of adults and young people of secondary and primary school ages. Findings are presented in a format that enables overall scheme appraisal. This allows the 11 local authorities in Northern Ireland to review and benchmark their performance on Every Body Active against prior achievement and each other, while national governing bodies (NGB) can do the same on the basis of the Active Clubs intelligence produced.

The extensive management information base and related in situ qualitative research (undertaken with participants, clubs, coaches, and in key communities) provides a full and rounded picture of impact ‘on the ground’. This adds richness and insight to the factual reporting process while enabling KKP, on an ongoing basis, to highlight key strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement, ensuring that Sport NI gets full value from its investment in the programme and the evaluation.

Contact: janet.reed@kkp.co.uk