Oundle School: sports masterplan & business plan

KKP was instructed by Oundle School to draw up a sports master-plan and related business plan based upon a forward thinking, holistic strategy for the next 25 years. It has a highly valued sporting heritage; pupils participate in a minimum of three sports afternoons per week and compete in local, regional and national competitions in a range of sports. It also makes opportunity for use of the school facilities available to NGBs, community groups and clubs.

A combination of detailed consultation, analysis and research underpinned evaluation of the offer made, current and future demand (and comparison with competitor schools). KKP mapped out appropriate, aspirational goals plus a full master-plan and design for extensive new and greatly improved sports facilities underpinned by a sustainable, achievable business plan to deliver wider sporting outcomes.

The structured, long-term investment plan with a core business focus will place the School well ahead of its peers with regard to sports facility provision allowing it to offer a high quality core curriculum, an extended core ‘games’ option, wide ranging competitive opportunity to all its pupils; male and female and excellent lifestyle options for those who do not take part in team games.

KKP was retained to support both project management in respect of the development of new facilities and to assist the school to review and install the best management structure for its PE, school sport and facilities offer.

Contact: david.mchendry@kkp.co.uk