Get Berkshire Active: corporate/governance review

KKP led and managed a process that involved assessment of the county sports partnership’s (CSP) ‘fitness for purpose’ and how it could become a stronger and more effective. It was designed to improve its strategic profile and reputation and leave it strongly positioned to deliver core, Sport England designated, contractual obligations. It focused on:

  • Current achievement in its role as the strategic lead for sport in Berkshire.
  • Staffing performance and competencies.
  • Mechanisms used to engage with/influence key partners; local authorities, NGBs, schools, trust/commercial facility operators and 3rd sector bodies.
  • Its response to key Government service delivery agendas.
  • The appropriateness and achievement of its stated delivery outcomes.
  • The extent to which it added value to sport in Berkshire,
  • Its future status in the context of public health investment.

The review led to the formation of a new independent company along with the establishment of a new strategic board and recruitment of a new core team.

The new CSP has an enabling and facilitating remit based upon a focused delivery framework across Berkshire. It became a more strategic and agile body providing a crucial function to support development of a first class community sports system in the County

KKP has evaluated one third of the CSPs across the country including Lancashire, Cambridgeshire, West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire plus their Irish equivalents. Over this time, it has acquired a deserved reputation for thorough, accurate assessments and implementing innovative, practical and achievable solutions.

Contact: john.eady@kkp.co.uk