Badminton England: National Facilities Strategy 2021-2025

Badminton England’s National Facility Strategy is fundamental to its broader strategy and its whole sport plan intentions for the next 5-10 years. Delivered by KKP, the strategy applies a demand and supply analysis process that enables production of the national ‘Badminton Critical Court Index’ (BCCI). This model identifies when demand for courts (in this case those that are above a certain pre-defined level of quality) exceeds defined thresholds and directly relates current and latent demand to the number of available courts.

The national picture
Badminton England is utilising the BCCI and the associated strategic modelling framework to support the process via which it identifies and prioritises specific local authority areas for staff interventions and support. This followed hard on the heels of KKP delivery of the England Athletics National Facility Strategy. For this our audit and research focused upon track distribution, viability, the juxtaposition of athletics with other indoor/outdoor sports facilities, club/operator sustainability and the adoption of innovations to safeguard provision for the sport. Full use was made of available insight into athletics to ensure that strategy proposals combine understanding, realism and sensitivity to proposed change.

KKP recently completed delivery of the FA’s National Facility Strategy programme of 318 local football facility plans – one for each local authority in England. We have also delivered national facilities strategies for other sports including netball, cricket, rugby league, gymnastics, judo and archery.

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